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Australian Football – National Risk Protection Programme

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Club Selection

Certificate of Currency

A Certificate of Currency is a legal document that demonstrates you have Public and Products Liability Insurance. This document is sometimes required by Councils and/or Facility management.

To unlock your club’s Certificate of Currency you must first complete the annual registration requirements and JLT Sport’s Online Risk Management Module.


Club Registration is an annual requirement of the AFL National Programme. This process confirms your club’s participation in the national programme and when completed, allows JLT to process Personal Injury claims for your members.

Risk Management

JLT Sport’s Online Risk Management Module is an annual requirement that forms part of the club registration process and only takes a few minutes of your time.

Club Search

  1. Type part of your club’s name (e.g. “Melb”) and/or select your State and League/Association, then select Search.
  2. Find your club’s name from the list that appears below.
  3. Click on Please Register, Please Complete/ Repeat or Download.

Club Search

Please select from one or more of the following search criteria to locate your club.

Need Help?

Please refer to JLT Sport contacts for Insurance and Risk Protection Information and Club Registrations

If you have already registered your club and would like to modify your registration details, please contact JLT Sport on 1300 130 373 or email jltsport@jlta.com.au